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Bird’s Milk Cake, 350g, plastic reusable container

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Bird’s Milk Cake is a combination of soft sponge cake layers and a deliciously luscious creamy souffle, and chocolate ganache on top.
This cake has a very subtle sweetness, so if super sweet and rich cakes are not your thing, you’re going to love this one!

The legendary name of this cake is rife with folklore. The phrase “bird’s milk” refers to something precious, unique, and rare that’s almost impossible to obtain. The idea of bird’s milk being a delicacy actually dates back to ancient Greek and Roman writings.

This cake is made using only top-quality products without adding margarine, palm oil, gums, coloring, or any other artificial ingredients.

Nutritional information
Serving size 100 g:
Calories 366,6 kcal
Protein 3,4 g
Fats 16 g
Carbohydrates 50,3 g

Souffle: eggs, sugar, condensed milk, milk, butter, corn starch, gelatin, lime juice, vanilla beans
Biscuit: wheat flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, baking powder, salt
Chocolate top: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, whipped cream.

Recommended use
store in a fridge for 4 days

Size: 350 g

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    Bird’s Milk Cake, 350g, plastic reusable container
    Bird’s Milk Cake, 350g, plastic reusable container