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Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse, 300ml, glass

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This Chocolate Cream Cheese is perfect for a special snack, appetizer, or dessert. Rich, velvety smooth chocolate cream cheese is a delicious indulgence for any occasion!

Our kids literally can eat the entire jar. It’s so fluffy, decadent, and creamy! It goes great with all kinds of fruit or just by the spoonful if you prefer.
Whether you are staying in for a romantic dinner or are entertaining friends and family, this Chocolate Cream Cheese is going to blow your mind

- it’s a rich, decadent treat
- great for Valentine’s Day or other holidays
- tastes similar to chocolate cheesecake.
- pairs well with a variety of different fruits and berries

We don’t add: margarine, palm oil, milk powder, gelatin, stabilisers, preservatives, or any other hidden ingredients.

Nutrition information
Serving size 100 g
Calories 228 kcal
Protein 14,6 g
Fats 13,1 g
Carbohydrates 12,5 g

cottage cheese (78.7%), sugar powder (11.8%), salted butter 6.3%, cocoa powder (3.2%)

Recommended use
for the best experience, we recommend removing the jar from your fridge and waiting 3 min before digging in. enjoy!
store in a fridge for 4-6 days

Size 330 ml

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    Chocolate Cream Cheese, 330ml, glass in Bali. Milkup dairy products
    Chocolate Cream Cheese, 330ml, glass in Bali. Milkup dairy products