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Sweet Mascarpone Cream Dessert, 200g, plastic container

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There’s just something special about Sweet Mascarpone Cream that has such a wonderful tender taste and it pretty much pairs well with everything — especially fruits and berries. Sweet Mascarpone Cream by M!lkUp is a great idea for impressing guests at your next gathering.
Made with rich and creamy crafted mascarpone-style cream, combined with natural vanilla extract — just take a spoon and you’re well on your way to the best treat ever!

It has a creamy texture and sweet delicate flavour.

No added preservatives, milk powder, margarine, palm oil, tapioca, starch, gums, gelatine, other thickeners, stabilisers or any artificial ingredients!

It’s also perfect for frosting cakes and cupcakes, topping waffles and pastries, and eating with fruit or berries. Play with your kids adding Sweet Mascarpone Cream into ice cream cones. Be creative!
It is the sweet, simple things of life that are the real ones after all.

Natural is Best!

Nutritional information
Serving size 100 g:
Calories 220 kcal
Protein 13 g
Fats 12,5 g
Carbohydrates 14,6 g

mascarpone-style cream (cottage cheese, butter, sugar powder, vanilla extract)

Recommended usage
for the best experience, we recommend removing the pack from your fridge and waiting for 3 minutes before digging in. enjoy!
store in a fridge for 2-4 days

Size 200 g

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    Sweet Mascarpone Cream Dessert, 200g, plastic container